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    Give us a call or complete the form. We will then match you with a private service provider within our referral network. Typically, you can learn about your options within a few minutes if you have all your loan paperwork handy. There are no fees or obligations for the free consultation, however if you chose to enroll with a private member of our network, there will be a fee. We look forward to helping you. You can click or call now at (888) 243-7082

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    No Waiting

    You can expect an agent to contact you within 15 minutes of submitting an evaluation- or you can call now. We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. When you call, a real person answers our phones with no long wait times, or holding. If you have all your loan paperwork handy, typically you can get answers to all your student debt questions on eligibility within a few minutes. Call Now (888) 243-7082

  • About Us

    About Us

    EduDebtForgiveness.com is a referral network that matches graduates with private, non-government, student debt relief service providers to help you manage your student loan problems. You can file on your own with little to no fees or, if you find it too overwhelming, you can work with a professional within our network that will charge you a fee for services provided. Find out more 888-243-7082.